First Library Visit


English 105 typically begins with a natural sciences unit, which introduces first-year students to scientific research and writing methods.

Popular natural sciences unit projects include:

      • Scientific Literature Review
          • Compiles and synthesizes research on a current scientific topic
      • Popular Science Writing (Article, Blog Post, Podcast, etc.)
          • Translates scientific research for a popular audience
      • Conference Poster
          • Presents scientific research in a succinct and visually appealing format
      • Grant Proposal
          • Communicates the impact and importance of scientific research

Class Dynamics

English 105 classes are capped at 19 students. The class is structured around group work, and students often sit with their group members during class. Before leading activities that involve partner or group work, it may be helpful to check in with the English 105 instructor to find out if students are already working in partners or peer groups.

Slide Deck

Use this slide deck as the foundation for your English 105 natural sciences instruction session.

To get started planning your English 105 library session:

      • Make a copy of the slide deck and update it to include your contact information.
      • The slide deck includes three standard activities that cover topic selection, keywords, and database searching. However, you can customize your lesson by selecting additional activities from the options below. To add a new activity, simply copy and paste the corresponding slides into your presentation.

1. Topic Selection

Select from the following activities to guide students through topic selection:

2. Keywords

Select from the following activities to help students develop keywords for their research topics:

3. Database Searching

Select from the following activities to familiarize students with database searching: