First Year Writing Program Basics

All first-year students at UNC are required to take English 105: Composition and Rhetoric, unless they’re transfer students who have taken an equivalent course at their previous institution.

There is a special flavor of English 105 called English 105i: Writing in the Disciplines, which focuses on either Natural Sciences, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Digital Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, or Law. These library sessions are tailored to resources in those specific fields, and may require specialized preparation on your part, like consulting with a subject liaison.

ENGL105 courses consist of a Natural Sciences, a Social Sciences, and a Humanities unit, typically taught in that order. For each of the three units, there will be a unit assignment. Students will be asked to complete “feeder” assignments, which are like baby steps that lead them up to the larger unit assignment.

Each 105/105i section is capped at 19 students.

There are over 115 sections of 105/105i offered each semester!

105/105i classes are taught by PhD students and post-docs in the English and Comparative Literature department, as well as faculty lecturers.

The Tar Heel Writing Guide is the text for the course; there’s a copy in Dayna’s office.